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Our Lady of Grace

North Beach
5a Kitchener Street
North Beach, WA 6020

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At Our lady of Grace nurturing our students in the Catholic faith is central to our whole curriculum. The school’s Religious Education program is a systematic and sequenced program of helping children relate the Catholic faith to their daily lives.

The Religious Education units of work were devised by the staff of the Catholic Education Office in consultation with schools, and are issued by the Archbishop. The units of work are grouped under three major themes, which focus upon how children can reflect God who is Creator, Mystery and Trinity.

All teaching staff are accredited to teach Religious Education and undergo regular renewal in this area. Pre Primary and Year One devote about 15 minutes per day to formal religion lessons while classes from Year Two to Year Six have lessons lasting approximately 30 minutes. These lessons are in addition to the other areas of catechesis undertaken by the school.

While the school has a responsibility in preparing our students to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation this is done in conjunction with our parish. Each year the school organises retreats for its sacramental candidates.

It is the Parish that coordinates and organises the actual sacramental celebrations.

While it is a stand alone subject, assessed as for any other rigorous academic discipline, there is the hope that its content and Christian message will become integrated into the lives of our students. To that end our faith beliefs are integrated into all areas of the curriculum.

Sacramental Programme 2020