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Learning difficulties have cumulative effects as they hinder not just academic progress but also impact on a child’s emotional and behavioural development. At Our Lady of Grace we believe that the earlier a difficulty is identified and addressed the better are the child’s prospects of catching up with their peers before the issue becomes intractable.


Reading Recovery is a pre-referral, early intervention program for children who, for a range of reasons do not get off to a good start in their first year of formal literacy instruction. Reading Recovery Teachers undergo one year of specific training to gain the qualification to teach the program as well as attend regular, ongoing professional development sessions.

The Reading Recovery program consists of daily, thirty minute, intensive Literacy lessons for a period of 12-20 weeks after which the majority of children are deemed to have reached the average reading levels of their peers.

Our Lady of Grace currently has two trained Reading Recovery Teachers in the school and after a screening process, approximately twenty percent of the Year One cohort are invited to participate in RR lessons each year.

Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a small group, supplementary intervention program designed to support students who are experiencing difficulty in meeting their year level achievement goals. LLI is based on Reading Recovery principles. We are currently running the program with selected Year Two and Three students.

The aim of the intervention is to help students to meet year level targets in literacy. 


Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) is a research-based intervention program focussing on the early years of schooling. It has been shown to improve children’s learning and confidence in Mathematics.

The EMU program involves intensive 30-minute, daily sessions for groups of three children over a period of ten to twenty weeks with a specially trained teacher.


OLG has a long and proud history of catering for the needs and interests of children with special needs in mainstream classrooms. A Learning Support Coordinator works with teachers to assist students in reaching their full ability and potential.