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Our Lady of Grace

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The most successful education for your child will come as the result of a sound, working partnership between the school and the family. Good communication is generally found at the core of successful partnerships. At OLG we make the effort to keep parents well informed about their child’s progress as well as general school life.

School – Parent Communication

  • Weekly school newsletter emailed to you, available on-line - website. Published on Wednesdays.
  • SMS messages are sent as reminders of imminent events; for important alerts and if your child is absent from school without explanation.
  • Informal chats with teachers, generally after school rather than before.
    • Term One: Parent teacher meetings
    • Term Two: Formal Reports and interviews. Three way interviews focussed on each child's development in terms of the keys to success: Persistence, Confidence, Organisation, getting along with others and Resiliance.
    • Term Three: Learning Journeys
    • Term Four:  Formal reports and interviews.
    • IEP Meetings are conducted in Terms One and Three for those students needing an Individual Education Plan.

Parent – School Communication 

  • Always meet with your child’s teacher if you have a concern. The sooner the better.
  • After school is a good time to see your child’s teacher on an informal basis.
  • Formal meetings with teachers may be arranged in person, by email or phone.
  • Absentee notes may be emailed, phoned or hand written.